Project W

A new web series created by Marcus Anderson and Running Gear Film Company


What is Project W?

Project W is a comedy web series about the unnoticed foolishness of the millennial generation.

Project W is about a 19 year old college freshman just entering a brand new Junior College. Unlike the rest of his class though he was raised a little differently. His strict and sometimes overbearing mother made his social life in High School difficult, meaning he has yet to be exposed to most major social media and the peer pressures that come along with them. His outsider perspective makes fitting in difficult and he begins to question his own normality. Hoping to fit in, he begins to make friends and jump through the hoops of his new life in Junior College.

Project W is a passion project by creator and showrunner Marcus Anderson with the assistance of Running Gear Film Co. We are currently looking to fill out the crew and get some additional writers to help out with the project. If this interests you and you’d like to help, please fill out the form below to apply and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The name ‘Project W’ is currently a working title and will be changed in the future.


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